Addiction and Substance Abuse

Dealing with addiction and substance abuse is never easy. Read more on addiction stories and combating addiction.

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8 Silent Ways E-cigarettes Harm Your Body

E-cigarettes are perceived as safer, but the way they affect your body suggests otherwise. Here's why you're better off avoiding e-cigarettes altogether.

How to Stay Sober During Quarantine, According to Addiction Experts

Coronavirus social distancing can put many people at risk of relapse from drug and alcohol addiction, but here are tips...

I Tried Alcohol-Free Spirits and These Are the 14 Best Ones

I taste-tested dozens of alcohol-free drinks and spirits to find the best booze replacements. Here are my reviews of the...

12 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Stop Vaping

Evidence is stacking up that vaping, once thought to be less harmful than smoking cigarettes, causes lung damage—and can be...

JUULing Could Be As Dangerous As Smoking a Pack a Day

Some 37 percent of kids don't know it's nicotine they're inhaling when they vape with this trendy device.

I Tried Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey—Here’s What I Discovered

Nonalcoholic spirits, like zero-proof whiskey, may satisfy alcohol cravings without the extra calories—or the hangover. I drank Ritual Zero...

5 Ways Alcohol Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss Goals, According to an Obesity Doctor

Alcohol can increase your risk of weight gain, and not just from the calories. Here's the science, according to an MD...

I Drank Beer Every Day for a Week—Here’s What Happened

What happens when you drink a beer every day? One health reporter gave it a try and discovered a...

What Is the Healthiest Beer?

Experts explain what to look out for when seeking out the healthiest beer...just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

I Drank Wine Every Day for a Week—Here’s What Happened

From your sleep to your skin, one health editor's experiment helped them discover how a nightly glass of red...

Here’s What Happens to Your Liver When You Quit Drinking Alcohol

For anyone considering Dry January or just curious about the effects, liver specialists explain how your body bounces...

This Is the Alcoholic Drink That’s Least Harmful to Your Liver, Says a Liver Doctor

We all know reducing your alcohol intake is a good step in protecting your liver health...but when you want...

“I Got Lung Disease from Vaping and Almost Died”

One young woman's story about being diagnosed with EVALI: the vaping lung disease with sometimes silent signs and potentially major consequences.

Drinking This Much Alcohol a Week Can Negatively Affect Your Brain

If you want to keep your brain sharp for the long term, keep this in mind before pouring a...

Science Explains Why the Flavor Makes Menthol Cigarettes More Addictive

Plus, how manufacturers create the minty effect of menthol cigarettes.

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Does Vaping Affect Your Bone Health?

As more research emerges about vaping, it's clear that it might not be as safe of a cigarette alternative as...

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I Tried Optimist Bright, a Vodka-Like Non-Alcoholic Spirit—Here’s My Review

Non-alcoholic spirits can help you prevent hangovers and empty calorie consumption. I swapped vodka for Optimist Bright, a...

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What Sober-Curious Bartenders Drink—Plus 7 Nonalcoholic Recipes to Try

Feeling sober curious? Skip the Shirley Temple and try these bartender-approved alcohol-free spirits, beers, and drink recipes.

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4 Non-Alcoholic Tequilas to Try If You’re Sober Curious

Non-alcoholic tequila can be a delicious, hangover-free substitute in your favorite margarita. Try these bartender-recommended picks.

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6 Best Non-Alcoholic Gins You Should Try

Non-alcoholic gin could be a healthier, low-calorie alternative to use as a substitute in your favorite cocktail. Try one of...

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4 Non-Alcoholic Whiskeys Bartenders Love

If you're dreaming of a dram of whiskey without the hangover, try one of these bartender-recommended non-alcoholic whiskeys.

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Does Natural Wine Have Health Benefits?

Registered dietitian and plant-based diet specialist Cynthia Sass explores the natural wine trend, including what it is, the pros and...

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Why Does Wine Give Me A Headache?

If a glass of vino leads to a throbbing noggin, you're not alone. Here's why wine gives some people headaches—and...

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What Does Being Sober Mean? The Details on Alcohol-Free Living

An alcohol-free lifestyle can offer big rewards—if you know what your goal is, why it matters, and how you plan...

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14 Dry January Memes to Make You Laugh Instead of Drink

Here are some Dry January memes that may help you embrace the no-booze sobriety challenge.

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These Are the Best Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wines—I Know Because I Tried Them All

If you're looking for the best bottle of bubbly without the hangover, try nonalcoholic champagne or one of these other...

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These Are the Best Alcohol-Free Wines—I Know Because I Tried Them All

If you're a wine lover and want to cut back on alcohol, try these relatively healthy alcohol-free wines to replace...

16 Recovery Quotes that May Help Inspire You to Stay Sober

You've already survived 100 percent of your worst days.

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7 Best Mocktails You Can Buy—I Know Because I Tried Them All

If you're looking for a no-alcohol drink, skip the seltzer and try this list of the best

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Can You Overdose on Benadryl?

TikTok's Benadryl challenge involves taking an overdose of the antihistamine in an effort to induce hallucinations. That's a very bad...