Leslie Finlay

In addition to The Healthy, Leslie has written for outlets such as WebMd.com, Fodors.com, LiveFit.com, and more, specializing in content related to healthcare, nutrition, mental health and wellness, and environmental conservation and sustainability. She holds a master's degree in Public Policy focused on the intersection between public health and environmental conservation, and an undergraduate degree in journalism. Leslie is based in Thailand, where she is a marine conservation and scuba diving instructor. In her spare time you'll find her up in the air on the flying trapeze or underwater, diving coral reefs.
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6 Best Vaginal Dryness All-Natural Remedies, from Women’s Doctors

"Dry vaginais a frequently searched term and one you don't have to feel embarrassed about. Before you opt for a hormonal treatment for vaginal dryness, women's doctors strongly advise testing these (surprising!) natural remedies.