Lung Cancer

Lung cancer doesn’t only affect smokers. Learn about early signs of lung cancer, types of lung cancer, causes and how to prevent it.

The Best Foods for Healthier Lungs, from Pulmonology Doctors and a Dietitian

Plus, the foods you should avoid to keep your lungs healthy and help reduce your risk of respiratory disease.

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This Woman’s “Asthma Symptoms” Turned Out to Be Stage 4 Lung Cancer

For four years, doctors told Lori Morris she had asthma; all the while, lung cancer slowly spread throughout her...

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7 Things That Cause Lung Cancer That Aren’t Smoking

You could get lung cancer even if you've never picked up a cigarette. Here are the common things besides smoking...

What Is a Lung Nodule—and 13 Things to Know If You Have One

Lung nodules can show up on an x-ray as a spot on the lung—and they can be cancer, though not...

How I Got Lung Cancer at 31—Without Ever Smoking a Single Cigarette

Rachael Malmberg was 31 when she received a deadly diagnosis. She is fighting her condition and has embarked upon a...

My “Lingering Cough” Turned Out to Be Lung Cancer

Former White Sox pitcher Stephen Huff had never smoked a day in his life when he received the shocking news:...

9 Uncommon Signs of Lung Cancer You Need to Know About

Most people know to be suspicious of a stubborn cough—but that’s just one of the worrisome signs of lung cancer

6 Smart Habits That Can Prevent Lung Cancer

It’s not just about not smoking (although that is key).

11 Things About Lung Cancer Doctors Wish You Knew

You probably know smoking leads to lung cancer, but that's only part of the story. Here's the latest on prevention...

10 Medical Advances that Are Giving Us Hope in 2017 and Beyond

From cancer to migraines to arthritis, researchers have recently made some exciting advances in early diagnosis and treatments.