Cooking can be fun! Discover healthy dinner ideas and meal prep ideas the whole family will love.

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A Vegan Mushroom Gravy this Nutritionist Loves

Registered dietitian and plant-based diet specialist Cynthia Sass shares her recipe for vegan mushroom gravy, and explains why its star ingredient is so healthy.

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What Is Chicha Morada? A Purple Corn Drink with Health Benefits

If you're tired of lemon water, coffee, and tea, change up your beverage game with this chicha morada recipe....

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Why I Love This Healthy, Homemade Creamer Recipe

Skip the highly processed and sugar-laden creamers by making homemade creamer instead. Your coffee will be chock-full of flavor and...

The 10 Best Healthy Muffin Recipes, According to Nutritionists

Swap the traditional sugar-laden muffins for these nutritionist-approved healthy muffin recipes that use ingredients that are naturally sweet, like...

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9 Chia Seed Oatmeal Recipes That Nutritionists Love

Here's how to make overnight chia seed oatmeal with easy recipes from registered dietitians and nutritionists. Get started on...

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The One Healthy Apple Recipe You Need to Use Up Leftover Apples

Registered dietitian and plant-based diet specialist Cynthia Sass shares one of her favorite healthy apple recipes. Vegan, gluten free, and...

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3 Healthy Salad Dressing Recipes This Nutritionist Swears By

Registered dietitian and plant-based diet specialist Cynthia Sass shares her three favorite healthy salad dressing recipes.

8 Chia Seed Pudding Recipes Nutritionists Love

Here's how to make homemade chia seed pudding with delicious and healthy recipes from registered dietitians and nutritionists.

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5 Jackfruit Recipes that Will Make You Love this Meat Substitute

Jackfruit is packed with vitamin C and fiber—and it works great as a meat substitute. Learn what jackfruit...

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7 Easy Hummus Recipes to Make at Home

If you want to know how to make hummus, toss the store-bought and follow these easy recipes from registered dietitians...

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The Healthy Breakfast Quesadilla this Dietitian Loves

Registered dietitian Christy Brissette shares her breakfast quesadilla recipe packed with protein and fiber, why it's healthy, and how...

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The Bran Muffin Recipe this Nutritionist Swears By

Add protein and fiber to your breakfast with this nutritionist-approved healthy bran muffin recipe, without the excess fat and sugar.

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8 Non-Alcoholic Drinks that Taste Like the Real Thing

You don't have to stick to soda if you're looking to cut back on alcohol. Try these non-alcoholic...

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Need a Healthy Snack? Try These Two Mushroom Jerky Recipes

Mushrooms can be as tasty as your favorite meaty snack. Try these two easy nutritionist-recommended mushroom jerky recipes—no special kitchen...

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The Healthy Blueberry Muffin Recipe this Nutritionist Swears By

Registered dietitian and plant-based diet specialist Cynthia Sass shares the mini blueberry muffins recipe she uses to start her mornings...

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The Healthy Banana Muffin this Nutritionist Swears By

Dietitian and plant-based diet specialist Cynthia Sass shares her personal banana dark chocolate muffin recipe, why it's healthy, and what...

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7 Best Recipes for Homemade Protein Bars

Protein bars, balls, and bites can be a snack, meal replacement, or a post-exercise recovery option. Make them yourself using...

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An Easy Nutritionist-Recommended Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

Get your pumpkin spice latte fix with this nutritionist-approved homemade recipe without the extra calories or added sugar.

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Heart-Healthy Mediterranean Recipes

These four recipes are loaded with healthy ingredients that can help protect your heart and happen to be bursting with...

8 Creative Protein Powder Recipes

Cynthia Sass, a registered dietitian nutritionist, shares her protein powder recipes that are convenient, healthful, and affordable.

The 10 Best Recipes for Dry Lentils

Grab that bag of dry lentils and get cooking (or baking)! This affordable and shelf-stable under the radar superfood...

12 Nutritious Canned Bean Recipes for Quarantine

Registered dietitians and nutritionists share their tasty and nutritious canned bean recipes to make during coronavirus quarantine.

4 Creative Kale Recipes to Try Right Now

Nutrient-packed and extremely versatile, kale is definitely having a moment. Incredibly hardy, kale also lasts a long time in the...

10 Recipes with 5 Ingredients or Less that Nutritionists Love

If time constraints and ingredient availability have thrown off your usual eating routine, these dietitians have ideas for how to...

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10 Healthy Breakfast Recipes for When You’re Sick of Cereal

Bored with your usual breakfast options? Registered dietitians share creative and healthy recipe ideas you can make for breakfast (or...

15 Whole30 Breakfast Recipes That Will Make You a Morning Person

Check out these Whole30 breakfast recipes from our food experts that will fuel your morning and keep you powered through...

10 Healthy Instant Pot Recipes We’re Loving for Winter

Combat the winter sniffles and blues with these 10 Instant Pot recipes that are delicious and may help boost your...

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10 Mocktail Recipes for an Alcohol-Free New Year’s Eve

Nutritionists and bartenders share delicious alcohol-free drinks recipes fit for a celebration.