Cooking can be fun! Discover healthy dinner ideas and meal prep ideas the whole family will love.

Vegan Comfort Food Recipes for Everyone

Because you can have your vegan cake, and eat your vegan mac and cheese, vegan pizza, vegan sushi and more,...

5 Powerfully Healthy Pumpkin Recipes

This orange superstar isn’t just for jack-o’-lanterns: It’s full of beta-carotene, fiber, omega-3s, and five B vitamins, which are important...

7 Make-Ahead Recipes from “The Foolproof Freezer Cookbook”

These make-ahead recipes from "The Foolproof Freezer Cookbook" should yield a stash of soups, desserts, and more that you can...

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Harley Pasternak’s Famous Green Smoothie Recipe

Can’t stand to eat another salad? This celebrity trainer’s delicious combo of spinach, pears, grapes, and avocado is a great

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Banana Chocolate Smoothie

This delicious shake from the Digest Diet should curb cravings and help you lose weight as part of the overall...

Bob Harper’s Signature No-Oil Hummus Recipe

Protein- and fiber-packed hummus is a favorite new snack for the 'Biggest Loser''s trainer.

Bob Harper’s B.E.S.T Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

This hearty-but-light breakfast idea from the famous ‘Biggest Loser’ trainer will keep you full and fueled until lunchtime.

Bob Harper’s Roasted Fish Recipe

The ‘Biggest Loser’ trainer is a big fan of a fish-rich diet and this easy weeknight recipe.

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Cookbook Obsession: Paul McCartney’s Meat Free Monday Cookbook

A full menu for every Monday of the year, this collection of delicious vegetarian recipes will make meatless Mondays more...

10 Meatless Meals Recipe Ideas

Try one of these vegetarian recipes to serve as a meatless meal alternative.

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What’s for Dinner? Try a Quick Stir-Fry Recipe

Pad Thai Noodles With Chicken Stir-frying is a super-quick cooking method that seals in all the flavors of the ingredients.

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Strawberry-Yogurt Smoothies

SECRET INGREDIENT: orange juice When summer arrives and strawberries are in season, this is the perfect way to enjoy them.

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Raspberry-Beet Smoothie

The vibrant color and luxurious texture of this vitamin C-packed beetroot-and-berry mix has appeal for both the eye and the

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Ingredient Swaps for Healthier Recipes

I’m always on the lookout for healthy substitutions to make in my meals — that way I can have what

9 Delicious Avocado Recipes

Considered an aphrodisiac by some, avocado is also high in good fat and packed with vitamins and fiber.

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6 Healthy Dinner Ideas: Fish Recipes

Fish is the best choice for a healthy dinner. It can boost your mood and give you a healthy dose

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8 Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Energy and Appetite Control

Get the Spinach and Goat Cheese Omelet Recipe Nutrition Facts235 calories, 20 g protein, 4 g carbohydrates, 1 g fiber,