Heart Disease

The heart is one of the most vital organs. Learn about how to care for it with our articles on heart disease causes, signs and prevention.

My “Shortness of Breath” Turned Out to Be Chronic Heart Failure

This woman thought her symptoms were simply from asthma and allergies. Her doctor even agreed. Then, she took a turn for the worse.

Do Statins Work for Everybody? A UCLA Cardiologist Weighs In

For people with high cholesterol or increased cardiovascular risk, statins seem to be a common answer. Yet a heart...

This Man’s “Cold” Turned Out to Be a Massive Heart Attack

Not everyone gets chest pain and numb arms with a heart attack. Ed thought all he needed was some decongestant...

How to Use an AED: The Device That Saved My Life

A bystander's fast action with an automated external defibrillator, or AED, saved Danny Berger's life after he went into sudden...

What It Means When Your Heart Skips a Beat—and 9 Things That Cause It

Just about anything could make your heart skip a beat, but doctors gave us the most common reasons.

A UCLA Heart Doctor Says the Change in Seasons Can Affect Your Cholesterol

A leading cardiologist says chillier weather commonly causes an interesting health shift. The explanation makes so much sense.

The Best and Worst Diets for Your Cholesterol, Says UCLA Cardiologist

Different health factors matter when it comes to cholesterol numbers and heart disease risk—but if you look at diet...

A UCLA Heart Doctor Just Shared the Age When Many Women’s Heart Disease Risk Increases

A leading cardiologist shares why middle age plays such a huge role in heart disease risk, with one particular heart...

The 4 Best Habits to Lower Your Heart Disease Risk, from a California Cardiologist

A cardiologist provides easily achievable habits to keep your ticker healthy for years to come, and lower your heart...

Drinking This Beloved Juice Every Day Could Reduce Your Heart Disease Risk

Drinking orange juice daily can benefit your heart health thanks to this powerful antioxidant.

Eating This Fruit Once a Day Can Decrease Bad Cholesterol, Says New Study

Researchers found eating one avocado a day can lower your "bad" cholesterol levels and decrease your cardiovascular risk.

6 Ways Heart Disease Is Different for Women, Cardiology Experts Say

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women—but it often doesn't manifest the same in...

Cardiologists Just Cleared Up 7 Common—but Inaccurate—Beliefs about Heart Disease

No matter your age or perceived risk factors, you'll want to get up to speed on the latest wisdom, straight...

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Feeling Down? Here’s the Compelling Effect of Your Mental Health on Your Heart Health

A growing body of research shows a clear connection between your mind, heart, and total health. Find out how

Had a Heart Attack? These Are the 7 Foods You Need Now, From a Cardiologist and Dietitian

You'll be inspired to eat well with these totally doable ways to reframe your diet for heart attack recovery (and...

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My High Cholesterol Caused a Rare Type of Heart Attack Days After I Gave Birth

She was young, fit, and healthy. But eight days after giving birth, she had a rare type of heart attack...

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My Doctor Told Me Not To Worry About My High Cholesterol—and I Ended Up Needing a Quadruple Bypass

Here's how one woman found a treatment for her genetic high cholesterol after a healthy lifestyle, statins, and a...

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What Cholesterol Levels Mean and Why They Matter

Your cholesterol levels are a key indicator of your risk of heart disease. Here's all the information you need...

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A Cancer Diagnosis Changed How I Deal With My High Cholesterol

Both medication and lifestyle changes can be vital tools for managing high cholesterol, and you don't have to be...

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My Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Led to a Heart Attack at 43. Here’s What Saved My Life

People with type 2 diabetes are twice as likely to develop—and die from—heart disease. Here's how one woman with...

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My Doctor Told Me I’d Never Lower My Cholesterol Naturally—I Proved Her Wrong

After his doctor told him he couldn't lower his cholesterol without medication, Andrew Wyant vowed to prove her wrong....

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9 Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol

These natural ways to lower cholesterol will go a long way toward keeping your heart healthy.

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HDL vs. LDL Cholesterol: What’s the Difference?

Cholesterol gets a bad rap, but not all forms raise your risk for heart disease. Here's what to know about...

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This Chart Shows Healthy Cholesterol Levels by Age

You can lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, and heart attacks by controlling cholesterol. Use this chart to find...

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I Had High Cholesterol at 8 Years Old, and Now My Son Has it Too

One in five kids in the United States have high cholesterol, setting them up for a higher heart...

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4 Signs of High Cholesterol You Should Know About

High cholesterol usually doesn't cause obvious symptoms. However, here are a few possible signs you should watch for—including some...

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The Truth About the Cholesterol in Eggs

Are eggs bad for your cholesterol? The guidelines have changed over the years, so for many of us,...

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What Is Saturated Fat?

When it comes to nutrition, saturated fats are still considered relatively unhealthy fats. But if you are cutting back,...

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20 Foods With Healthy Fats You Should Definitely Be Eating

Forget the low-fat mania of decades past. Experts now know that healthy fats protect your heart. Learn what they are,...

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I Almost Died From a Heart Attack Because of a Little-Known Type of Cholesterol

With a total cholesterol level in the healthy range, one man thought he was OK—until he almost died of...

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Trans Fat vs. Saturated Fat: What’s the Difference?

Trans fats and saturated fats can have negative health consequences, but they are not the same thing. And unlike...