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10 Easy Self-Care Swaps to Make in 2022

Mindful Woman

Following a busy holiday season and an anything-but-ordinary 2021 comes the perfect moment to rest, refresh, and think about your wellness routine to kick off the new year. Whether you could use some upgrades to your current self-care plan or you’re creating one from scratch, the following editor-approved ideas can help. We’ve rounded up our favorite self-care health products that will help you start 2022 feeling mindful, healthy, and inspired. And, none of these self-care swaps require very much effort.


Selfcare Swaps Stash Bags2

1. Trade single-use food storage items for reusable alternatives.

Start the year healthier simply by eliminating the concerning chemicals that are found in some food packaging. Opt instead for one of our favorite food storage tips: swap plastic baggies for food-grade silicone Stasher bags, and tin foil or plastic wrap for Bee’s Wrap. These eco-friendly solutions make it easy to pack and store healthy snacks—and help you feel good knowing you’re doing your part for the environment. (Plus, they’re cute!)

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Selfcare Swaps Mindfulness

2. Swap your phone for a soothing coloring book.

Step away from social media to get a healthy break from doomscrolling. Instead, focus your energies on a mindfulness coloring book, which can reduce anxiety and nurture your inner creativity, among other adult coloring book benefits.

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Selfcare Swaps Jogging2

3. Trade day drinking for an outdoor walk.

Instead of spending a Saturday indoors day drinking or binge-watching (or, let’s be honest, doing a combo of both), why not catch some fresh air on an outdoor walk? These Brooks Addiction Walker 2 sneakers are among the best walking shoes according to podiatrists. So lace them up, press play on your favorite podcast or meditation app, and rack up those steps.

Save those sips for evening, after your head-clearing winter stroll. You’ll thank us.

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4. Replace boring workouts with a mini-trampoline.

In 2022, mindless workouts that feel like a chore are over. Moving your body should be something you enjoy—and jumping (also called “rebounding”) on a mini-trampoline is both a great workout and an excellent stress reliever. Rebounding has become popular among some of the fittest stars, like Eva Longoria and Madonna. We tried it ourselves and loved the cardio workout, as well as the mental stimulation. Intrigued? This might hook you: experts say when it comes to fat-burning, rebounding can be a more productive workout than jogging!

Sexual Health

Selfcare Swaps Intimacey Pillow2

5.  Upgrade a basic sexual experience with a curved sex pillow.

Swap basic sensual play for a more elevated experience. There are so many reasons to try a sex pillow, with increased sexual pleasure and less pain among them—and that’s worth saying yes (yes! YES!) to. This top-performing curved sex pillow features angles that help intensify sensations and the option to use restraints for even more adult fun.

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Relief and Relaxation

Selfcare Swaps Cbd Lotion2

6. Swap your basic moisturizer for a CBD-infused one.

Turning occasional body moisturizing into an everyday ritual is a fantastic self-care step on its own, but don’t stop there. Drop your basic, everyday body lotion, and replace it with a hemp-infused body lotion with functional benefits. We’ve tested the grapefruit hemp body lotion from PlusCBD, and loved it so much we cut the bottle open to access every last drop.

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7. Trade your throw blanket for a weighted blanket.

Leave restless sleep in 2021 by adding a Bearaby weighted blanket to your bed. In our weighted blanket review, we became absolutely hooked on the Bearaby blanket and loved its anxiety-reducing, sleep-enhancing benefits. Plus, it earns bonus points for looking like a stylish throw blanket.

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8. Replace traditional bath salts with CBD-infused salts.

Bath soaks deliver deeper relaxation than just a bubble bath alone, and adding CBD to the mix can truly maximize your Zen zone. Vertly CBD-infused bath salts come in a soothing botanical scent with marjoram, yarrow, and rosemary, making for a mind- and muscle-relaxing soak after a workout.

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Selfcare Swaps Microfiber Towel

9. Swap retinol for bakuchiol.

By now, you’ve likely heard about the skin-perfecting qualities of retinol—but for many skincare lovers, the ingredient can be a little aggressive on irritation. If that’s been the case for you, try using a bakuchiol alternative instead. Bakuchiol is an antioxidant, extracted from the babchi plant used in Eastern medicine, that some Western dermatologists have endorsed to promote healthy cells and collagen production the all-natural way. We’re fans of the Ole Henriksen Goodnight Glow Retin-Alt Sleeping Creme, which comes dermatologist-recommended to fight fine lines and skin discoloration.

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10. Trade your blow dryer for a microfiber towel.

Gain a few extra minutes, and desirably less stressed tresses, by dropping your blow-dry habit and picking up a rapid-absorbing microfiber towel instead. We reviewed the Aquis microfiber hair towel, which wicks away hair dampness faster than cotton towels do, all without sapping moisture from the hair cuticle. And indeed, the Aquis hair turban did dry our hair approximately 40 percent faster than usual, with much shinier, softer, and smoother results.

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