Sexual Health

Understanding sexual health is the first step toward sexual well-being. Learn how to increase your libido and sex drive, and practice safe sex.

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45 Simple Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Whether your sex drive took a total nose dive or an innocent catnap, these science- and expert-approved tips and tricks will boost your mojo in no time

This Is the Worst Time of Day to Have Sex

Uh oh—it also happens to be the most popular time.

This Is What Happens to Your Brain When You Have Sex

Here's why the brain is the most powerful sex organ.

16 Things Sex Therapists Wish You Learned in School

Vaginas aren't supposed to taste like candy, and other information you need to know.

7 Things That Cause Abdominal Pain And Cramping After Sex

Our medical experts share some common reasons why women may experience abdominal pain and cramps after sex, from bowel issues...

I Got HPV at Age 53—Here’s What I Wish I’d Known Earlier

After being newly divorced, Sue Linden (not her real name) was thrilled to have sex again. However, she soon learned...

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14 Men’s Health Symptoms to Never Ignore

Unfortunately, many men ignore symptoms that they should take more seriously. Here are the ones that can be really dangerous.

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6 Common Myths About Sex After 50 You Need to Stop Believing

Sex after 50 is surrounded by common myths and misconceptions. Find out the truth about you and your partner's intimacy...

This Is Exactly How Many Calories You Could Burn by Having Sex

Research says the count can vary for men and women, but odds are it won't replace a daily workout.

14 Natural Aphrodisiac Foods That Could Spark Romance

Do aphrodisiacs really work? Sample these aphrodisiac foods with your sweetie and see if they light a spark.

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This Is the Best Time to Have Sex (Hint: It’s Not at Night)

Cancel that work meeting; you're leaving the office early today.

9 Secrets Your Vaginal Discharge Is Trying to Tell You

All that moisture is normal, but sometimes changes in odor, color, and consistency can be a sign that something else...

11 Important Things Your Vaginal Discharge Can Reveal About Your Health

Yeah, vaginal discharge is kinda gross to think about. But paying attention can reveal key info.

Sex in Your 40s: 13 Things You Should Know

Think your sex life has to dwindle after 40? Hardly—just like other areas in your life, experts say it's just...

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9 Things That Happen to Your Body If You Stop Having Sex

A bout of celibacy won’t have lasting effects on your overall health, but you still could be in for some...

The 5 Foods That Could Absolutely Kill Your Sex Drive

Looking to get lucky tonight? Better stay away from these un-sexy eats, which could do a number on your skills...

10 Foods Your Vagina Needs You to Eat

What you eat affects your body from head to toe, and that includes your lady bits. These foods will boost...

13 Things Your Vagina Secretly Wants to Tell You

Your vagina has a few things to say about your health, aging, periods, and other "taboo" topics.

This Is the Real Reason People Lose Interest in Sex

There's one glaring reason why people lose interest in sex—and it might not be what you think.

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1 in 10 Women Has This Sexual Disorder—and Doesn’t Even Know It

Can't get excited about sex with your partner? It might be because of this underdiagnosed condition.

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16 Sex Problems Marriage Counselors Hear About All the Time

We asked couples counselors to reveal the most common sex problems they hear and the solutions they offer to...

50 Interesting Sex Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

We include everything from why wearing socks is sexier than lingerie to how sleeping with your wife can get you...

9 Vitamins and Herbs That Can Boost Your Sex Drive

Could the answer to heating things up in the bedroom be in the vitamin aisle? Here's what experts suggest...

8 Things You Never Knew About Kissing

The only thing more fun than kissing is taking a breather to share your insider knowledge of the art form.

If You Have Pelvic Pain, Here’s What It Could Mean

Issues with your pelvic floor, bladder, or reproductive organs can lead to pelvic pain that disrupts your life. Here's when...

9 Exercises That Help You Have Better Sex

Fitness expert Katie Dunlop shares some exercise moves that will help you break a sweat and give your sex life...